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Fish Mate Pressurized UV/BIO Filter

Fish Mate Pressurized UV/BIO Filter
Fish Mate Pressurized UV/BIO Filter

Product Summary:

Fish Mate Pressurized UV/BIO FilterChoose from 3 Sizes

The Fish Mate UV+Bio Pond Filters combine UV clarification and biological filtration to guarantee crystal clear, purified pond water. These external filters can be buried underground or set above ground on a solid surface. Water flows through the filter in front of the UV light, which will cause algae to clump together ensuring clear water. The water then flows through specially developed filter sponge pads that will trap algae clumps and other large particles, then it will flow through the SUPRA biological filter media. Each filter comes with one package of SUPRA media.

Can be Installed Above or Below Ground Level
Control Knob for Auto Cleaning of Sponge Filter Elements
3/4" to 1" or 1-1/4" inlet and outlet
3 year guarantee.
UV lamp-on indicator.
Powerclenz models enable the filter to be cleaned at the twist of a knob
Sludge outlet 3/4" - 1"
15' Cord on UV
Please note:

1000 Gallon has (2) ports, remaining filters have (3)


Pressurized UV/BIO Filter: 500 Gallon 1000 Gallon 2000 Gallon 3000 Gallon
Suitable for ponds to: 2500 liters 
(500 Gallons)
5000 liters 
(1000 Gallons)
100 00 liters
(2000 Gallons)
15000 liters
(3 000 gallons)
Dimensions 28cm H x 27cm L x 24cm W 28cm H x 27cm L x 24cm W 43cm H x 27cm L x 27cm W 43cm Hx 27cm L x 27cm W

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