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Product Summary: Zuke's Mini Naturals® Zuke's Mini Naturals® Moist Dog Treats are packed with the taste of real USDA chicken, wild caught salmon, or p..
Ex Tax:$18.69
Product Summary: Walkabout Back End HarnessRecommended by veterinary surgeons as one of the most effective walking aids on the market, the Walkabout B..
Ex Tax:$45.49
Product Summary: Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON REFUNDABLEVetoryl Capsules Vetoryl Capsules contain trilostane, an adrenosuppressant dr..
Ex Tax:$42.49
Product Summary: SmartSticks® Chicken and Vegetable Dog ChewsSmartSticks® Dog Chews are a smart, safe, and healthy alternative to rawhide. These delec..
Ex Tax:$14.14
Product Summary: Skinneeez Stuffing Free Dog ToyTired of stuffing all over the house and yard? Skinneeez flat animal friends with squeakers are the so..
Ex Tax:$10.09
Product Summary: Mini Skinneeez Stuffing-Free Dog ToyEverything you love about Skinneeez but in a smaller size! Mini Skinneeez are stuffing-free so th..
Ex Tax:$7.84
Product Summary: Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON REFUNDABLESimparica Chewables for DogsSimparica Chewables are a safe monthly chewable f..
Ex Tax:$42.36
Product Summary: Select Grille Rawhide Roll Dog TreatYour dog will love the taste of this safe and all-natural chew treat. These Select Grille Rawhide..
Ex Tax:$15.99
Product Summary: Zzz's Suede HammockWith a simple design and super soft fabric, Zzz’s Suede Hammock provides a wonderful resting spot, inside or out o..
Ex Tax:$12.59
Product Summary: Zzz's Soft Suede TunnelFun at playtime and a super-comfy hideout when naptime rolls around, Zzz’s Soft Suede Tunnel secures to a cage..
Ex Tax:$19.14
Product Summary: ZZZs Sleep SackThe ZZZs hybrid sleep sack/hammock is made of a plush, suede-like fabric that’s so luscious and inviting, it might jus..
Ex Tax:$13.64
Product Summary: ZYMOX Vitamin D3 Pet ShampooThe first line of defense against infectious microbes is the skin. ZYMOX Shampoo provides an effective wa..
Ex Tax:$21.10
Product Summary: Zymox Vitamin D3 Pet Rinse 12ozZYMOX® Rinse with Vitamin D3 contains natural enzymes with antibacterial & antifungal properties to ma..
Ex Tax:$15.54
Product Summary: ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution offers relief from ear infections for dogs or cats of any age. The patented..
Ex Tax:$27.99

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Dhohoo originated in France, where we formulated food supplements for our furry friends with our partners ADP Laboratoire, a specialist in the field since 1981.
The companionship our pets provide is precious. Their unconditional love and innocent emotions make our days brighter. So, making their well-being part of our lifestyle is just what we need to keep them healthy and happy. At Dhohoo we want to do just that. Pets are part of our family and we want to provide the best for our family. We focus on the future, and all of the years of health and happiness yet to be shared with our furry companions.
Dhohoo is guided by values derived from the trust and love that pets give us. We want to remain professional by ensuring our products are made by experts. Pet wellness and health are more sustainable when we integrate them into our lifestyle and we want to help you with that. And as a French brand, we could never resist bringing some exquisite flavor to our products NOR
neglect their quality.
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